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We are pleased to announce the breeding of Ch. Sugar Tree's Blasket Pt. Eddy, SH, WDX to Ch.* Lottawattah Windsong Sadie. This breeding was an artificial breeding taking place in Sept. 2014, making pups available in January 2015. This breeding crosses some of the best of both worlds. Hopefully producing offspring that will excell in both the ring, in Field Trials/Hunt Tests or just in the blind. Both are well tempered and seasoned retrievers. Both are bench Champions, coming from some of the best show dogs the breed has to offer. Eddy comes from some of the best Field Trial dogs as well. Sadie posesses some very good show dogs and a lineage of Master Hunter/Senior Hunter. Sadie is also a Sporting Group Placement and was BOW at the Alamo Area Chesapeake Retriever Club Specialty. Reservations being taken now. Contact me through e-mail link below.

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Ch. Sugar Tree's Blasket Pt. Eddy, SH, WDX

Eddy's Pedigree


Ch Westwind Abernaki Chief MH*** **** Delaware Chief Nicobe WDQ*** **** Piney Neck's Deacon WD** ****FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Chesdel Chippewa Chief ***
PJ's Tumbleweed
****AFC Delaware City Lady WDX*** Burning Tree's Outer Banks
Taffy's Honey
**** Westwind Mackenzie Gold Rush ** ****DC/AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais WDQ*** ****AFC/Ch Caroway's Wild Goose Chase ***
**** Nordais Harry's Plume WCX WDQ ***
**** Lane's Turnpike Jessie MH WD** FC/AFC Ed's Turnpike Drifter MH***
Corvette of Thunder River
Ch Chestnut Hill's Tug's Dory CD RN WD 1985/90/91NBISS Ch*/CanNBISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug ****CFC/CAFC/Ch Ironwoods Stone E Cubs WDX*** Jasper T Cub's WD***
Daisy's Sweet Molly
Ch* Chestnuthills Pandora CDX Ch Chestnut Hill's Pontiac
Rosey Cocoa Bear of Roedown
Chestnut Hills Mesquite ****AFC/Ch Caroway's Wild Goose Chase *** ****Ch Happyfeet's Governor CDX MH**
Ch Caroway's Webley Roth JH WD
Ch Chestnut Hills Lacey CD 1985/90/91NBISS Ch*/CanNBISS Ch* Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
Ch Chestnut Hills Nettie TD

Ch. * Lottawattah Windsong Sadie

Sadie's Pedigree

CH. Lottawattah Chisholm Trail WD BISS CH. Chestnut Hills James Bowie JH,CD CH. Chestut Hills CoCa Kele BISS CH. Pond Hollow Casablanca
CH. Chestnut Hills Lacy CD
BISS CH. Chestut Hills Charisma BISS CH. Chestnut Hills Stone E's Tug
CH. Chestnut Hills Nettie
CH. Pond Hollow Belle Starr JH,WD SnoCrees The Prosecutor Ch. Brackenwoods Brandon
CH. Sno Crees Simply The Best
CH. Pond Hollow Bayberry Tides In CH. Pond Hollow Ketch
CH. Bayberry Pond Lady CDX,TD,JH,WD
CH. Windsong's Summer Rose TD CH. Sasfire Coolwater Roscoe JH CH. Meadowoods Lighting Bolt CH. Eastern Waters Thunder Bay CD
Meadowoods Rollin' In Clover CD
Sasfire's Valley Girl SH,WDX CH. Chesdel Chief of Caroway WDQ***
CH. Berteleda Redstone WDX
CH. Echo Bay's Mystical Lady CD CH. Meadowood's Home of the Brave UD,MH,AX,WDQ** CH. Sandy Oak's Rainbow Rider UD,JH,NA,NAJ,WD,ROMQ
CH. Willow of Meadowood CD
CH. Echo Bay's Teal Time Ch. Z-Bet's Bay Latigo
Simpson's Willpa Splash



Pedigree definition of titles & symbols

Int/Am. Ch.-----International & American Conformation Champion

Can/Am. Ch.---Canadian & American Conformation Champion

Ch. ---------------AKC Conformation Champion

DC----------------AKC Field Trial & Conformation Champion

BIS----------------Best In Show

BISS--------------Best In Specialty Show

CBISS--------------Canada Best In Specialty Show

CD---------------AKC Obedience Title

CDX-------------AKC Obedience Title

UD---------------AKC Obedience Ttitle

OT Ch.----------AKC Obedience Trial Champion

TD---------------AKC Tracking Dog Title

TDX-------------AKC Tracking Dog Excellent Title

UDT-------------AKC Utility & Tracking

*----------------Conformation Sporting Group Placing Dog

WR---------------NAHRA Working Retriever Title

FC----------AKC Field Trial Champion

AFC-------AKC Amateur Field Trial Champion

CFC--------Canadian Field Trial Champion

CAFC-----Canadian Amateur Field Trail Champion

MH--------AKC Master Hunter Hunt Test Title

SH---------AKC Senior Hunter Hunt Test Title

JH---------AKC Junior Hunter Hunt Test Title

WD-------ACC Working Dog Hunt Test Title

WDX-----ACC Advanced Working Dog Hunt Test Title

WDQ------ACC Advanced Working Dog Hunt Test Title

CWC-------Canadian Working Dog Certificate

CWCI-------Advanced Canadian Working Dog Certificate

**--------Dog has placed in licensed derby or qualifying

***-----Dog is qualified all-age field trial dog

****-----Four stars appear before the dog's name, and indicate the dog is a field trial producer. Dogs who produce five or more and bitches who produce four or more offspring with field trial accomplishments are given the **** designation.

SR------------NAHRA Started Retriever

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