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Norteastern, OK

Catering to the Aspect of a Versatile Retriever


Owner's Page

This page is dedicated to the owner's of Lottawattah Dogs

We will place their photo's and accomplishments here!

Lottawattah Chesapeakes takes pride of the endeavors of the owner's and their dog's accomplishments!



This is Lottawattah Prairie Pond Namosh


(CH. *Pond Hollow Bering Sea ex CH. Pond Hollow Belle Starr JH,WD)

At 71/2 Months going Winners Dog for a five point major under Judge Thomas R. Squicciarini. Handled by Linda Clark, Magnum finished from the 6-9 month class! Magnum is owned by Ced Devin and Liz Dumortier of Lawrence, Kansas and is a Multi-Group Placing Dog.

CH. * Lottawattah Prarie Pond Namosh

Saline County Kennel Club, Group Four

Benton, AR.

(Judge Dr. Alvin Krause)


This is Lottawattah Action Jack


(CH. * Pond Hollow Bering Sea ex CH. Pond Hollow Belle Starr JH,WD)

Jack is owned by Kirk and Susie Royer of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jack is a Best of Winners Award Winner at a Anerican Chesapeake Club Supported Entry. Jack will be shown as a Special on a limited basis. Jack will also be used in the field hunting phesants.

ACC Supported Entry Best of Winners

Ch. Lottawattah Action Jackson



This Is Lottawattah Henry Austin


(CH. Chestnut Hills James Bowie ex Ch. Pond Hollow Belle Starr JH,WD)

Henry is owned by Greg and Stacy Garrison of Austin, TX.

Henry will be hunted!

Gregg writes," We had a great pheasant season up in the Texas Panhandle this year. Henry never lost a bird!


This is Windsong Sandy


(CH. Lottawattah Chisholm Trail, WD ex CH. Windsong's Summer Rose, TD)

Sandy is sired by our male Chisholm. Bred and owned by Deloris Brandt of Spokane, WA. Sandy is an International Champion, a multi-best of breed winner.

(CH. Lottawattah Seminole Wind, ex Lottawattah Windsongs Sadie)

This is a pup not yet named, whom was sired by our Bo ex Sadie, and is now owned by Jason Posey of Victoria, TX. Here he is doing beginner retrieving work. Still a lot to learn!!


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